70 degrees in Michigan in NOVEMBER?! Blue skies, birds chirping, soft warm breezes… enjoy it while it lasts. This time last year we had 8 inches of snow.

Lake Michigan. photo by: Yinan Chen

This year we get to have a full Fall season, filled with apple orchards, pumpkin patches, apple cider, road trips up north, bonfires, colorful trees, and more. Unfortunately, we will have to be extra cautious this year due to COVID. We must take care of ourselves and each other because we wouldn’t want to take it home or spread it to people who are immune compromised.

Nevertheless, walk outside more and enjoy the breezes and the sunshine because Daylight light savings time can only do so much. The Fall season also brings football and Thanksgiving, both events are traditionally celebrated in large gatherings, filled with food, and a lot of talking and yelling. We must be careful because this is how the virus is mainly spread.

We must use other resources to help curb the amount of cases we get during this season. We do not want a fun Fall and then a sad Christmas because of the lives loss from this horrible global pandemic we are in.

So! Enjoy the weather, be thankful, eat, dance, and be merry. But also be responsible just like Climate Change, it is on us to fix it and take responsibility of our actions and spread the news to others. We will see the sun again soon!