When we first launched Challenge Detroit in 2012, the city was facing its largest population decline in history and heading towards bankruptcy. Despite these dynamics, more than 900 people applied for Challenge Detroit and 30 Fellows joined in the inaugural program year. Beyond the direct impact we can count and see since that first year, Challenge Detroit has also been sought after for advice and best practice sharing in broader talent, leadership and community development dialogues in addition to helping other organizations who are launching and/or improving fellowship programs. The Challenge Detroit Directors have advised corporate and nonprofit organizations, government-initiated programs, student-led initiatives as well as university-supported programs, meeting with over 10 organizations across the country from other cities such as Portland, OR; Grand Rapids, MI; Stockton, CA; Flint, MI; Ann Arbor, MI, New York City, NY, and West Virginia.

Stay tuned for more details about how we will celebrate our tenth year. In the meantime, check out our annual reports below to see our work.

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