Nov 4, 2019
by Paulette Bolofer-Fulkerson
Native Detroiter, Jordan Truesdale is 2019-2020 Fellow. She has a bachelors in business and entrepreneurship from Columbia College in Chicago. Tell us about your host… Read more
Oct 28, 2019
by Deirdre Greene Groves
What does it mean to me as a Challenge Detroit Alumna to maintain ties to the city and the fellowship from the suburbs? Simply put,… Read more
Aug 5, 2019
by Deirdre Greene Groves
Alexandra Borromeo is our Fellow at host company Ford Motor Company. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in Art… Read more
Aug 2, 2019
by Chelsea Coss
Over the past 11 months in Challenge Detroit, I have been working on a number of team-based projects with local nonprofit organizations. Working with a… Read more
Jul 29, 2019
by Julian Rucker
My year with Challenge Detroit has been so incredible. I’ve grown so much, so fast I hardly recognize myself. I’m starting to notice others feeling… Read more
Jul 29, 2019
by Deirdre Greene Groves
Since our inception, we have partnered year over year with Detroit Passport to the Arts (DP2A) to engage our Fellows in Detroit's arts and culture… Read more
Jul 26, 2019
by Zachary Baker
My favorite professor in school described film, the field of study I studied and subsequently worked in during my time before Challenge Detroit, as a… Read more
Jul 26, 2019
by Ayesha Miah
As a daughter of immigrants to the United States and growing up in a predominantly immigrant community, I was surrounded by many talents of immigrants… Read more
Jul 26, 2019
by Sarah Gargaro
I ended my Challenge Detroit fellowship year working with Teach313, a year-old initiative created to retain and attract educators in the city of Detroit.  Sharing… Read more
Jul 26, 2019
by Zienab Fahs
These past few months, I worked alongside the amazing Brilliant Detroit staff to create a Participant Membership Guide. This guide highlights insight from participants and… Read more