Feb 22, 2021
by The Challenge Detroit Team
Vanessa Vela is a 2020-2021 Fellow. She grew up in Detroit and is "excited to learn, grow and create a larger impact." Tell us about… Read more
Feb 16, 2021
Posted by Hannah Morris
Co-written by Hannah Morris
Sports can teach us a number of life lessons.  Having grown up a student-athlete, one thing I learned early was the value of perseverance. My… Read more
Feb 16, 2021
Posted by Francisco Ramirez Rueda
Co-written by Francisco Ramirez Rueda
In 2020 so many people lost their jobs, loves ones and or fell into depression. If there is something I learned that year is gratitude.… Read more
Feb 14, 2021
by Triniti Watson
What does it mean to stand in or center myself in abundance? How can I honor practices that facilitate my healing in disruptive realities?  As… Read more
Feb 12, 2021
by Jackquelyn Garrett
In the Garrett household, there is one activity that you can guarantee will have 100% group participation: going for an impromptu drive around the city.… Read more
Feb 12, 2021
Posted by The Challenge Detroit Team
Co-written by Tricia Blake-Smith
Do you have a secret hidden place? No one knows about this place but you. We all need a sacred place in this chaotic world… Read more
Feb 12, 2021
Posted by Chelsie Thompson
Co-written by Chelsie Thompson
My favorite season ever is coming up...Spring. Spring is the season of my birthday and usually I would go out to eat with friends or… Read more
Feb 12, 2021
by Nick Lemonious
We are halfway through our challenge year and I'm still just as excited about the program as I was when we first started! So far… Read more
Feb 12, 2021
by Vishnu Venugopal
Hi! I'm Vishnu.   I grew up in Novi, MI, finding time for friends, family, and faith, between playing tennis, doing theatre and, well, school.… Read more
Feb 12, 2021
by Madeline Miller
Through Challenge Detroit, business ownership, and partnership with other organizations, I am learning the importance of women playing vital roles in spaces where decisions around… Read more