My favorite season ever is coming up…Spring. Spring is the season of my birthday and usually I would go out to eat with friends or travel. Unfortunately we are still in a pandemic and I don’t plan on risking the virus to have a birthday celebration. Last year I spent my birthday indoors because the pandemic was here.

I slept in, ate a big breakfast/brunch my mom made, watched t.v., got all dressed up, had a photoshoot in the backyard, then watched more t.v., my grandma and great aunt sung me ‘Happy Birthday,’ I ate cake, then just relaxed with my family. It was a very peaceful birthday which is what I wanted just not what I planned for. My initial plan for my birthday was to rent a cabin up north where I could see the northern lights. Go out to eat with friends, camp, and watch the northern lights while in making s’mores. I will definitely find something to do that would make this birthday special.

Spring is also the time for allergies, I usually get mine in November and around April, but since I have been inside for most the year I actually didn’t get my allergies at all last year. I stayed at home wore my mask when going anywhere, kept my distance, and didn’t loiter.

This is also the time for gardening, which is something I love to do. Last year we grew carrots, strawberries, green peppers, lettuce, swiss chard, and basil. This year I want to expand our palette and go even bigger.

Although the pandemic has impacted my favorite season yet again, I will still try to find something to celebrate.