In November the days get darker.

Your heart can begin to beat slower.

Your brain can spin downwards in spirals.

Find refuge at a late night punk rock show!

At least in my experience launching yourself into the pit can cure a general slowing down of things. Flailing your arms around and attempting to turn yourself into a human windmill (mind the dislocated shoulders) can increase the circulation of blood in your body. Barrel rolling over your friends is a great way to move efficiently in the direction you want to go. Packing in tightly is a direct method of getting face to face with your neighbors. Being covered in the slick sweat of others is an organic reminder that you’re all alive. Head bang those bad thoughts away!

Sometimes I enjoy putting on navy lipstick and feeling bold. I like wearing leather shorts, shouting lyrics alongside strangers about life and love and antiestablishmentarianism (a rebel with a cause #ChallengeDetroit).

When I can’t rely on myself to run through the day I can often be resuscitated by punchy riffs and driven forward by heavy baselines. Thank you to The Bouncing Souls for the dirty jersey wake up call as I head into December.

Although Detroit’s music scene is mostly known for Motown and techno, there are lots of punk shows to be attended! Let’s go to one!

Some Detroit venues I’ve checked out so far: Saint Andrews Hall, PJ’s Lager House, UFO Factory, The Old Miami, my house, grimy basements location hazy