April has been a filled with some great experiences. My new position at Crestmark as a field examiner, has allowed me to travel to places in the mid-west where one might not travel to on their own time. So far I’ve been to: Kalamazoo, Jackson, Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh. As a field examiner, I’ve been exposed to many different types of businesses and how each of them works, in particular, the financing involved in running a business. We travel to clients, and do audits where we check their financials to see if they’re keeping up on payments, while also making sure their numbers match what we have on file for them.

IMG_1035                   IMG_1033

Traveling to all these cities though has helped me to appreciate even more what we have in Detroit. Sure the public transportation and infrastructure can be improved, but from the diverse neighborhoods surrounding the city, to the galore of activities available to us in Metro Detroit, it’s easy to enjoy every moment spent in this city.

Stay tuned for more action as May approaches,

Roy Yewah