Helping reconfigure the outside of Cody-rouge High school on a Saturday with other fellowship programs in the city was extremely gratifying to see.  It’s amazing when around 50 like-minded individuals go out of their way on a Saturday afternoon to shape up and beautify the exterior of a struggling high school.  Challenge Detroit, Venture for America, and Detroit Revitalization are pure mirror images of different types of community revitalization efforts that should be incorporated not only in the city of Detroit, but plenty of other cities across the globe ( I know it’s easier said then done).

I am so glad I was able to be part of such a great effort not only to change how outsiders view the high school just driving by but how local residents view their own neighborhood buildings as well.  I am willing to do more of these types of efforts around the city because I think that little changes like these can spark bigger changes city-wide.

Now that the sun is here to stay, stay tuned for the exciting upcoming activities!

-Roy Yewah