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In our June Challenge Detroit project, I was assigned to the Osborn neighborhood.  Our group was asked to come up with a creative solution to addressing the blight situation in Osborn.  Our proposed solution was an organization called the BOOM (Brighten Our Osborn Movement) Squad, where the youth of Osborn are challenged to come together, think collaboratively, and improve the blight in their neighborhood.  With Osborn’s high youth percentage, great retail, a natural park (Conner Creek), tight knit community, and one of Detroit’s only movie theaters, my team and I decided to take advantage of that within our creative solution.  It’s programs like this that give the youth a chance to have some ownership in their own neighborhood that allows for children to want to come back to their neighborhood after they go off to college.  Couldn’t be prouder of my team! BOOM SQUAD! Stay tuned as my time with Challenge Detroit winds down, Roy Yewah