Immigrant Entrepreneurs are my heroes. Not only are they going out and making their dreams come true, which is something I even struggle with, they are doing it in a language and a country that is foreign to them. Upon reflection of calling over 14 Website Developer Companies around Detroit, three companies had employees who spoke a second language. In order to get a website made, so that they may understand completely what is going on, it would take someone fluent in another language to possibly call fourteen resources to find one person to help them, and then it may even be too expensive for their budget.

I want this to serve as a reminder to those, who are like me, and are often too lazy to fund small businesses in the areas in which we live. Target certainly has what you’re looking for, but you are feeding a corporation instead of a family and a dream of someone who uprooted themselves to make a better life for their families. These amazing people work harder and better in a situation that pushes against them completely, and they keep going. Take this week, make a plan and pursue taking the time to research who owns the businesses in your area, and support however many people you can.


A resource of minority owned businesses in Detroit: They Matter.