It’s the time of the Challenge Fellowship which is full of plenty concerns of the future.  A couple of questions come to my mind:

  1. Do I stay in Detroit?
  2. Where will I live when my lease ends?
  3. Do I stay with my host company?

Google ImagesAny answer to number three means… it’s officially resume season.  A thoroughly rough time in anyone’s life where self-doubt clouds any of our ambitions.  Suddenly I’m not a graphic designer that went to four years of art school.  I’m a high schooler looking at photoshop for the first time and fearful that any employer will look right through my fake ego.

  • Future Employer: Why do you want to be a graphic designer?  What are you good at?
  • Me: Do I even want to do graphic design? Am I even a person?  Quack?

As I compile my lifetime (a mere 23 years) of achievements, I am eternally grateful for Challenge Detroit.  A jam-packed year after college was exactly what I needed to realize how a short amount of time can change your mind.   I love helping people and the fellowship allowed me 6 opportunities to do so while in a secure job.  I am now looking at my full resume of working in interdisciplinary teams on multiple projects. I see paper-version of Mariisa utilizing the skills that she has in a variety of ways, ways which I never encountered before.

Despite the normal despair of building my resume and my own skill-set, looking back at all that I’ve accomplished, I feel better than I have applying to jobs and knowing I can take on any “challenge”.