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Couch House

This weekend I sat down with a woman named AISHA BLAKE who has been a part of a COUCH SURFING community.  This is the style of living where you travel to different cities around the globe and stay on their couches until you move onto the next, just as people open up their houses for others to do the same.   Aisha has recently settled in Detroit.   She lives a bike ride away from downtown and is opening her house to visitors yearning to see Detroit, Michigan.  The COUCH HOUSE that Aisha is opening is a way to bring interesting, talented, and community-based individuals into Detroit.    Aisha hopes to show visitors the Detroit that some passers-by wouldn’t see, which could encourage others to come and even settle in this area.

I found Aisha to be a naturally welcoming person and I aspire to be more like the couch surfing community because they so readily open their doors to persons in need.   More than that, they life their lives based on connections to different people instead of by debts of money.  Couch house is an important step to showing the sides of the city that can change the narrative for visitors or people looking at Detroit.   Many houses that allow couch surfing may or may not be around the area, but this house specifically would serve a s a hub for that community and others alike.