Ahh December has been great.  As the cold weather approaches, Detroit seems to have a warming effect on outsiders.  It is great to see people coming in to support the Lions, and RedWings, but also to enjoy the winter festivities happening in Detroit, but how do we get them to stay and explore/contribute to the city as a whole?  Being downtown for the annual tree light ceremony was a sight to see because, despite the cold weather  there were so many people willing to take a break from their lives either in the city or outside of it to enjoy the ceremony together as one conjoined unit.  This is the type of unity that badly needs to be rebirthed in Detroit.

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All of this positive attention from the winter festivities of course caught the attention of the media and they for once had good things to say about the city in Wall Street Journal’s article Billionaire’s Buying Spree Starts to Spread.  This article talks about how Dan Gilbert’s buying of commercial buildings strategy is starting to have an effect on outsiders looking to invest in the city as well.  This could huge for the city economically and pushes Detroit closer towards revitalization.

2013 is just the start; I’ll talk to you all next year where the future looks bright,

Roy T. Yewah