“5,4,3,2,1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” 2013 was great but the amount of opportunity waiting for Challenge Detroit and the City of Detroit is indescribable.

I got the chance to bring in the new year of 2014 from the concert hall of the Fillmore in downtown Detroit, one of Detroit’s most well known concert halls.

photo (11)                                       Fillmore New Year’s Eve

The event sold out for the 9th year in a row, it was great to see a mix of sex, races, and socio-economic class at this event.  I hope that one day the rest of our nation will realize that it’s this unique mix of people that makes this city great.  Even with the hard economic times the city is facing, people from the city, suburbs around the city, and even visitors from all around the state could take some time to come visit the big city.  Hopefully this type of influx of people will help more resistant outsiders realize that this city is still the lively and thriving city it used to be but just needs that kick start and motivation to get back to the top.

This year will be full of good, motivating, and entertaining stories so stay tuned for more.


Roy T. Yewah