“Deeeetrrooiiit baskestballlll” shout the Piston’s fans as we sat down to view the game against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. This would be my first not only Piston’s game but NBA game, so my expectations were high.  I had only heard bad things about Detroit Piston’s basketball.  Everything from, “they’re probably the worst team in the NBA” to “last time I went to a game the tickets were dirt cheap and there were barely any fans there”.  These are all the preconceived notions I already had of the Detroit Pistons but I was hoping to be surprised.  Thankfully that surprise came on that Friday night when we arrived to The Palace Auburn Hill’s Arena.  Parking was hard enough to find and on top of that the traffic exiting from the highway took a lot longer than expected.  But as we took our seats I realized that the place was packed and all I saw was blue and red.  The game was exciting but another plus was the half-time show put on by dance groups in Detroit and a drum line from the area as well.  It was great to see the stadium filled with smiling faces as we all enjoyed this entertainment.   Not only were the fans rowdy and uplifting but you could see the energy from the crowd gave the players a new sense of purpose and the belief that they are playing for a city that actually cares.

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All this realization was a sign that Detroit is definitely on its way back to the lively city it used to be.   If this many fans can come support their NBA team then citizens of Detroit can come together as one and support their city.

Let that thought sink in. Until next time,

Roy Yewah