Planting My Roots

Preparing the dirt to plant a tree and surrounding garden bed at my neighborhood park; Springdale Green.

Detroit is where I was born and raised, the city where my dreams came true.

I have traveled to a variety of states although never out of the country, I somehow could not imagine leaving and never returning. This city is where my life began, started and completed grade school education , higher education at Wayne State University. Here I also found my career in the non-profit sector and continues at now 10 years. This city has the key to success and it is not given to just anyone, this is something that is obtained by your work ethic, dedication and passion.

As a young girl in this city growing up I knew I wanted to be a part of something that could offer change. Little did I know that was going to be the start of my career within the non-profit sector. In the beginning of my career I thought I wanted to focus on Criminal Justice, after one semester I realized that I had a special connection and different views with community that was not the same as my peers. It was the relationships that I built as a child that allowed me to reflect on as an adult to realize how impactful a community leader could change lives. It was also the experiences I had as a child within the community that placed me where I am today, whether it was participating in summer programs, community clean ups, youth employment, and even working on neighborhood beautifications.