Have you always known what you wanted to be growing up?

As children we are always asked; what do you want to be when you grow up?

Since I was a young teen I had always known my place would always be in the community. My dream was to eventually have my own non-profit, something I can say I worked hard for and built. Coming up on almost 3 years I had the opportunity to  obtain my dream job, not literally but in a sense. Thanks to Cindy Eggleton, CEO of Brilliant Detroit I was offered to be the Community Engagement Manager at the Springwells site. I did not “own” Brilliant Detroit but being able to manage 1 of 7 locations at the time I felt like I was dreaming, who at just 21 years young gets a position that is their dream job?! What was even more rewarding was that this specific site was right in the community where I was raised, this was the area where I rode my bike to the park and walked to get ice-cream. To have the opportunities I have encountered so early on in my career it allowed me to develop more experience in the field while still furthering my education, to be blessed would be an understatement. I always assumed that I would at least have to wait until my late 20’s to find opportunities and experience like this, personally this was an eye opener and reminder for me. This was when I understood that if you are dedicated, committed and passionate things will always work in your favor.