Stone Bridge Nature Trail at Rouge Park in Detroit.

Working virtually during a pandemic means it’s easy to feel cooped up in the house. Without much to do, hikes get me energized and happy. I might as well be a golden retriever, wagging its tail in excitement. I am always ready to embrace the vitamin D and fresh air. Being outside is a chance for me to take a break from the screen fatigue and stress. It’s also how I meet with friends. We mask up and then connect on the trails, maximizing our socializing with exercise and nature.

In case you’re in need of some recommendations, I’ve put together a list of my local Go-To’s to escape those Covid-19 blues!

  1. Rouge Park : Detroit is full of green space and Rouge Park is not to be ignored! With 1,181 acres, it has 5 different hiking trails and a mountain bike trail.

Enjoying the fall colors at Maybury State Park in Northville, MI.

2.  Maybury State Park : Such a gorgeous park with some rolling terrain. It’s great to add to the mix as many of our nearby trails are flat.

3. Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge – Humbug Marsh Unit: Newly opened in May 2020, this refuge is located along the Detroit River south of Detroit. The hiking trail here weaves in out of woods and wetlands.

4. Lake Erie Metro Park : With views onto Lake Erie, it is a great place to see wildlife. Last time I was there, I saw two bald eagles flying together over the lake, calling out to each other!

Sunset over Downtown Detroit from Belle Isle.

5. Belle Isle : A Detroit Gem. Belle Isle is an island park in the Detroit river. I love going to the beach or watching the sunset, but more recently, I’ve found that they have some trails. You can’t go wrong with a visit!

Going into the winter season, I cannot wait for some winter wonderland escapism!

What local trails have you visited or recommend I add to my list? Please share in the comments below!