I uprooted my life during a Pandemic.

The last week of February I accepted an opportunity working for OneMagnify, that required me to move to Detroit, MI. Not only had I only visited Detroit twice, but this was my first move from my hometown (Louisville, KY). A pandemic was also sweeping across the world.

Excited and unsure of what was to come, I tried to stay positive that things would fall into place. The first weekend of the initial stay at home order happened to be the weekend I was making my move. Unsure of where I was going to stop on the way, if I would receive my apartment keys, and many more unknowns flooded my mind as I made the drive to Detroit. Upon my arrival, it seemed that my feelings of uncertainty were justified. I arrived expecting to move into a two-bedroom place and had to settle for a studio apartment I could barely fit my boxes into. The following Monday, I headed to my first day of work and was sent home to work virtually until further notice. With positivity in mind, I stuck through it.

As this new way of life became “normal”, I learned how to adapt. I learned that even the things out of my control would be just fine.

A few months after my move, I moved apartments two more times, finally landing in a space I could work, live, and enjoy. I connected with coworkers virtually. I traveled back home to visit my family more than if I were working in the office. I explored the city by taking walks and supporting small businesses. I joined a fitness community that helped me find some normalcy in my day-to-day routine. Lastly, I found Challenge Detroit which has introduced me to community organizations, young professionals, and more.

As I look back at 2020, I have accomplished many things I never have imagined myself doing. It has been a year of bravery, patience, and taking chances. For most, a year memorable due to the pandemic. For me, a year memorable for its ever-changing resilience.