It’s been a tough month, but this year and the next four are ours. The people of the world and the people of Detroit. Perseverance is in the very DNA of this city and its residents.

1. Food

Food is good, food is wonderful. Warm up your belly and heart in Detroit with four of my favorite places to eat in and around Detroit.

  • Sabina’s! Cheap and delicious polish cuisine. Want pierogis? Me too. Potato Pancakes? Yes, Please. Cabbage soup & kielbasa is the comfort food you

    Ramen at Johnny Noodle King!


  • Johnny Noodle King! Small space but sincerely wonderful Ramen with enough spice to keep your lips burning through at least three days in the next four years.
  • Brome Burger! Yummy. Organic, healthy, Brome was built on the foundation of doing the best for their workers.  The burgers will literally have you drooling and the shakes are to die for.
  • Mexican Town Bakery! Yum. All the yummy goodness of sweets to eat away your pain.  But they’ve more than just the delectable desserts, Mexican Town bakery has sandwiches and is a great place to go for lunch to put you in a happy food coma for the rest of the work day!

2. Animals

Best Thing about Animals? You can pet them. And they love you all the time.  Here’s two ways to pet some of our lovable pals.

Photo Courtesy of Leesia Teh

  • Volunteer at the Humane Society: After you  become a regular you can get to know the animals and socialize them.  Animals that receive human affection while awaiting adoption are more likely to get adopted.
  • Detroit Dog Park:  Link Here for rules and regulations, you can go see fluffy dogs get to play with other puppies and with the owner’s permission, petting could definitely be an option.

3. Art

Detroit City has amazing art and the scene is always growing.   My team is currently working on a Challenge with Beaumont Health to create art that emphasizes movement and overall health.  Art is proven to stimulate creativity and mental health.  Below are some great ways to stay in touch with visual art in the Detroit area.

  • Murals Eastern Market: Eastern Market is known for their While this is specifically Eastern Market, there are murals all over the city that represent the need to beautify the area. Murals are meant to lessen crime and graffiti, they also raise morale and bring some color into the Michigan Winter.
  • Detroit Institute of Art: Combining Detroit culture with cultures all over the world in one

    Photo Courtesy of Rice+Lipka Architects

    shared and stunning space, the DIA is not only a cultural beacon, but they are looking outward to better their community service.  Get involved, step in to witness history? Up to you!

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit:  Art is also a wonderful way of expanding your experience and realizing Empathy.  Empathy is a huge part of challenge detroit, it is a force that brings together all the fellows, and what a better way than to try to open up your mind to contemporary art and it’s meanings?  If you don’t learn something new every day, you aren’t growing.

4. Be Involved

Getting involved, changing them (or maintaining things) to what you believe in.  Here’s four ways to start:

  • Local Politics! Despite the hellfire that is going on in the federal government. There is change that can happen at a local level.  Learn about what you believe in, back people who will pursue your intentions as a voter and American.  Don’t see anyone you like? Run for office yourself!
  • Volunteer! The next four years might be pretty hard.  See what you can do to back the causes that mean something to you.  There are online resources like volunteer match which allows you to connect to organizations looking for volunteers.  Find a cause you believe in and pursue it.
  • Petitions! One signature could mean quite a bit.  Your signature is your voice if our Democracy is not living up to what you believe.   Don’t get tired, there’s a lot to fight for and your voice matters.
  • Start Conversations! I firmly believe that there is some sort of goodness backing every person.  At the end of the day that person loves someone and someone loves them. Engage and understand and allow the other person to do the same.  Growing as a people is hard but it is worth it.


At the end of the day, Canada is just across the river: but why would you want to leave somewhere as amazing, diverse, and culturally rich as Detroit?