Being an internal track fellow is a unique situation to be in. It differs from external fellows because I was already working for my host company before I knew of Challenge Detroit, only learning about the program that Quicken Loans has an ongoing partnership with through my team leader.  Before that, it was by happenstance that I even applied to Quicken Loans.

I was graduating college with dreams of becoming a journalist. Of course, like any normal undergrad, I was at a pretty big loss for what post-graduation held for me; so I began frantically posting and searching for internships or entry-level jobs. A friend sent me the link to my current position on the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund team. Among the dozens of applications I chose to submit, this was one of them, and the only one I happened to be hired for. I took the job without truly understanding what I was getting myself into. But I thought ‘what’s three months?’  and took the internship.

About halfway through the internship, without any knowledge of what the Challenge Detroit program, my team lead mentioned it to me, telling me I’d be a great candidate for it. So, I did my research.

This was a very overwhelming opportunity, going from having no idea what the Quicken Loans internship would bring; it led to this new decision that had to be made. Would I accept the fellowship that would place me in Detroit for a year? Or would I leave Quicken Loans and pursue my career in journalism?

I weighed the pros and cons and accepted the fellowship spot. The experience has shown itself to be the right decision and has given me such a new perspective of nonprofits; as well as progressed my project management skills.

The most impactful part of this fellowship so far has been becoming immersed in the city of Detroit, learning and working hands-on with the nonprofits that are partnered with Challenge Detroit. This is by far one of the greatest opportunities I was given post-grad, just by happenstance.