These past few months, I worked alongside the amazing Brilliant Detroit staff to create a Participant Membership Guide. This guide highlights insight from participants and uplifts their voices, in order to shape improvements on programming, organization moral, procedural management, and much more. Participant feedback was also leveraged in defining each level of membership, and the intrinsic rewards that they carry.

But now that these 6 weeks have come to an end, I am now realizing just how much of an impact the process of producing this assignment has had on me.

Although this project was a one-person job, the participants and staff of Brilliant Detroit were my partners throughout the entireprocess, and I cannot thank them enough. The time I spent with participants were the most fun I’ve had working! Whether I walked in on a community dinner, or joined in on a Zumba class, all of the participants were so welcoming and eager to assist in every way. It was truly a privilege to gain the trust of these members and have them welcome me into their (Brilliant Detroit) home. Not only did I see, hear, and learn about their bond as participants, but each time I walked into a home, I felt a sense of place. A feeling only created by such a powerful and enriching organization; so profound, that every participant I spoke to referred to Brilliant Detroit as their home and family.

Brilliant Detroit staff were impeccable examples of the foundational values that the organization stands by. No idea was denied, each day was a celebration, and every encounter ended with a hug. This entire journey opened my eyes to the positivity such genuine non-profits, like Brilliant Detroit, can attract and produce. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with family!

Special thank you to Cindy, Emma, and Aaron. <3