If you haven’t read the first edition of this two-part #shopDetroit series – stop reading and check it out here: 10 of the Best Shops in Detroit. Why are you still reading this, silly? Get your credit card(s) ready and jump on over to that glorious list. I’ll be here waiting.


Now, here are five more ways to #shopSmall for huge style points in the OG (that means ‘original gangster’, mom) of fashionable shopping districts in America – special shoutout to J.L. Hudson.


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1. Tulani Rose

4201 Cass Ave. | Midtown, Detroit | website

On the corner of Willis and Cass, just around the corner from Avalon Bakery, you won’t find a Tulani Rose sign. Instead, you’ll see a bright yellow marquee that reads “Spiral Collective.” Step inside, take in the scent of Barr and Co. candles and Cellar Door soaps, and you’ll instantly begin drooling like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Just try not to drool on the art from local Detroiters, proudly on display in this lifestyle boutique. Sidenote – if you buy the pineapple soap DO NOT eat it. I repeat, DO NOT EAT IT. It smells exactly like fresh slice of juicy pineapple but I promise you it is truly just the most delightful bar of soap in the world. Lather with caution.

  Vera 2  Vera 1

2.  Vera Jane

3011 W. Grand Boulevard | Midtown, Detroit | website

This eclectic women’s boutique is nestled in the first floor of the Fisher Building specializes in “refined elegance with downtown decadence.” I’m still not exactly sure of what that means, but their blissful selection of vintage jewelry will blow your mind and fill your heart sunshine and sparkles so who cares? Am I right?

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3. The Peacock Room

15 E. Kirby | Midtown, Detroit | website

Okay, hold on. Tell me that notebook print scarf you just scrolled past isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You can’t. It’s perfect. Just like all of the other handbags, necklaces, hats, scarves and earrings that line the tables and walls of the fully-restored Park Shelton where The Peacock Room thrives. Added bonus – they also sell antique furniture and unique artifacts to add some flair to that awe-inspiring bedroom of yours.

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4. Nest

460 W. Canfield | Midtown, Detroit | website

This little shop is the holy grail of every girl’s ~*~Dream Living Room~*~ board on Pinterest. Located just across the street from Shinola and a flap of the wings away from it’s sister store, City Bird, Nest carries home decor provisions that could make a pile of twigs look like the Sistine Chapel.


5. Division Street Boutique

1353 Division Street | Eastern Market, Detroit | website

Division Street Boutique serves as a home base store front for Aptemal Clothing and the infamous “Detroit Hustles Harder” apparel that can be found in nearly every closet of every Motor City native or enthusiast. By sponsoring and promoting local artists and hosting live demonstrations and events for the community, Division Street Boutique ‘hustles harder’ (literally) to positively impact and engage in the Detroit community. How neat is that!?

By the way, before you head out for a good ol’ shop-till-you-drop adventure in the D, you should print out this nifty full-listing of local shops courtesy of Detroit Experience Factory.

Detroit is blooming with shops, both new and old, for you to explore and earn major style points. I mean, why would you go to the same old mall, shop at the same old stores and pick through the same clothes as all of your friends, when you could feel good and look even better by shopping for that #ootd – nay #ooty (YEAR) –  worthy ensemble in support of Detroit?


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