My time here in Detroit is coming closer and closer to an end, so it is absolutely imperative that I make my last summer in Detroit the best one yet! Here are five of the places and activities I plan to visit and do before the end of this summer.

  1. Belle Isle Conservatory/Belle Isle Aquarium: Rest assured, I have definitely gone to Belle Isle before, but since I have not visited the Belle Isle Conservatory and Belle Isle Aquarium (one of the oldest aquariums in the nation), I plan on making some extra trips to the island. Besides, I hear Belle Isle is beautiful and lively in the summer.
  2. Traverse City: The last time I visited Traverse City, I almost killed myself driving home during a snowstorm in April (also, snow in April?!). However, I will disregard this unfortunate incident as Traverse City was a beautiful town even when covered in snow and ice. And, I can also make a quick trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, which should already be on your Michigan bucket list.
  3. Roller Blading on the Riverwalk: First of all, it is absolutely essential that I buy roller blades. Because hello, they are super hip and fun. And secondly because refer back to the first reason.
  4. Turnip Rock, Port Austin: I have not heard so much about a rock since the one that Jesus moved. Supposedly a must-see park in Michigan during the summer, it deserves a visit.
  5. Diamond Jack’s River Tours: I can’t tell if it’s the allure of a name such as Diamond Jack or the idea of being on a ~boat~, but Diamond Jack’s River Tours is definitely on my to-do list.

With all of these things to look forward to this summer, I can confidently say that I am ready for summer!