Do you also have difficulty answering the question, “which Detroit restaurant is your favorite?”


Since deciding to tackle this challenge of narrowing my favorite restaurant list to just one, singular restaurant, I have found that 1) everyone has a different restaurant of choice for differing moods and 2) there can’t be just one favorite restaurant. So, as to challenge this myth of “one” favorite Detroit restaurant, I have simplified my preferred restaurants to match my various moods.


  • “When Your Parents Come to Town For Dinner” Favorite: Gold Cash Gold

Okay y’all, this place has everything for every one of your family members. When my parents came to visit –  along with some family friends that live in the metro Detroit area –  we were a crew rolling deep with 9 members. So, having a restaurant that appeased every person with differing dietary needs was imperative. Gold Cash Gold not only fit the bill, but it also exceeded the expectations of my family and friends. Gold Cash Gold’s menu is seasonal (from what I understand), so what this means is that you have to go every couple of months basically (at the very least, but like every day, preferably).

  • “I Need a Brunch With a Mimosa STAT” Favorite: Dime Store

Wow, I still have dreams about the meals I have had at the Dime Store. Seriously a gem within Detroit. My roommate Mikayla and I were floored by the truffle fries, and the Cubano took me to nirvana. Hit the spot for sure. Since then, I have enjoyed a B.L.T.E. sandwich and a Duck Reuben, and they were two of the best decisions I have made in my 21 years of life.

  • “My Body Needs This Brunch” Favorite: The Clique

Are you so hungry that the only way to pacify your stomach is to stuff it with only the most delicious and most filling of meals? Then this is the place for you. I would recommend not eating for at least 24 hours before you go so as to truly allow yourself to indulge here. I would recommend their omelettes and cinnamon rolls. This place is made for folks like you and I, the people that enjoy a nice diner feel, but also stuffing our faces with highly caloric and highly cathartic food (but for a lower price).

  • “Please Take All of My Money” Taqueria Favorite: Taqueria Lupitas

I have had more cravings for this place than I am proud to admit. Okay, first of all, let’s just quickly debrief and chat about the chips and salsa. Upon entering this penthouse floor of heaven, you will receive not one, not two, but three (!!!) different types of salsa. Here, the chips and salsa are so good that you forget that your three tacos are en route (but you eat the tacos anyway because imploding is the only way to properly enjoy the meals of Taquerias Lupitas). Please, please I beg that you try this place (But also, please bring cash as it is a cash-only restaurant)

  • “Hi, Yes, I Will Take One of Each” Doughnut Shoppe Favorite: Dilla’s Delights

In an effort to commemorate his late nephew and Detroit hip-hop producer J Dilla, Herman Hayes opened up Dilla’s Delights in downtown Detroit. It seems that even through his death, J Dilla still has a positive and ongoing (and delicious) influence on Detroit. Mikayla (my roommate) and I have committed ourselves to weekly trips to the shop (for good reason). I would definitely check this place out. They have organic coffee and vegan choices as well (for my vegan friends!).


This list only skims the surface of the many restaurants that span Detroit. I encourage everyone to explore and patron the myriad of local restaurants in Detroit, and I challenge you all to create your own favorite list of restaurants 🙂