Doing the work of a leader, entrepreneur or advocate, requires so much empathy and compassion. So a wellness routine has to be an essential part of ones routine in order reach the full potential in any of these capacities. Wellness for me starts with i like to call going within, and doing a self check on what I need for me to feel well in that moment. That wellness may be meditation, it may be journaling or yoga or it even could be coffee with a good friend or mentor. Going within could even be a long cry to release any pinned up and unused energy. Whatever  I decide what that is, I am intentional about making time for it. Carving out time in the beginning, middle, or end of my day to ensure I go within is me taking the steps  I need to take care of my self every single day, which is a radical act for any person who decides to include mindfulness in their day to day, but is incredibly rewarding.