Trying to stay true to your style at work?


No matter where you work, when transitioning into a new career, the learning curve can be steep. While you want to be most attentive to mastering the things that matter the most; developing good work habits, building long lasting relationships with coworkers, and making a lasting impression on your boss- one aspect of your professional life that you will stop learning how to master is how to dress for success.


With fashion trends changing with seasons, and work spaces becoming ever flexible on what attire includes  business casual,it can be difficult to decide on any given day whether to put on a three piece suit or a pullover sweater and slacks.


Its been easiest and more importantly cost efficient, for me to determine the three to four stylish, comfortable, yet appropriate pieces that can be mixed and matched for any work occasion.


Solid = White, Black, Blue

Bold = Red,

Print =  Stipes, Checkered, Polka Dots, Paisley



  • Button up – Solid
  • Turtle neck – Bold or Print
  • Blazer – Bold or Print


  • Slacks- Solid
  • Skirt– Bold or Print


You would be surprised how quickly picking out two of these items from your closet in the morning can transform your look at any Presentation, Fundraising event, or Holiday Party.