As I sit down to write my final blog, chronicling my year as a challenge Detroit Fellow, I felt ending with a few thank you’s would be appropriate. I would not have had such an  experience without the support of so many others.

Thank you, people of Detroit, for the opportunity to learn and work along side you.

Thank you, Challenge Detroit, for choosing me to be a fellow, out of so many qualified candidates.

Thank you, DTE Energy, for being an excellent host company and allowing me to spend time away doing wonderful things in the city where we live and serve.

Thank you to my many supportive co-workers for covering meetings for me on Friday’s.

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family for being curious and excited about all the work I did this past year.

Thank you to my amazing boyfriend, Jonathan, who helped me more than he knows. Your support and encouragement are never ending.

Thank you to my class of fellows. I will forever remember you all with fondness and love.

Thank you to all the challenge partners and non-profits that we worked alongside making incremental changes.

Thank you to all the businesses who support Challenge Detroit and made this year possible.

Thank you to all the restaurants and shops that were so generous to host and feed us.

Thank you to Tech Town for providing us a home to work every Friday.

Thank you to the many neighborhood and community development organizations who welcomed us into their neighborhoods.

Thank you to Challenge Detroit Leadership for putting me in so many situations to learn and grow.

Thank you, Detroit, for letting me be a part of your story.