It is no doubt a strange time currently – a life in quarantine and solitude has filled us all with a lot of uncertainty and given us A LOT of time to think. Reflection was something I have never been good at. I have always attempted to keep journals with little success, often seeing months or even years between some of my entries. However, being in quarantine and having the experience of reflection through Challenge Detroit over these past 4 projects has helped me realize that reflection is important in any form you can do it.
This is how my stay in sketches started. I may not be good at journaling but doing something with my hands while I think and reflect helps the thoughts come through easier. Each night I have been taking the time to doodle while I reflect on the things I have learned about myself during this time and what has helped me stay positive – a task which has been extremely hard. I’ve found that the little things are getting me through. Little things such as a stranger’s wave on a walk, a random text from friends – old or new, or late night Codename and Drawful sessions with friends over Zoom. During the reflection I have realized even the so called strangers I would encounter everyday enriched my life in some way, and when we do come out of this time safely, I aim to have a much greater appreciation for everyone I come across.
So here’s to appreciating all my friends, including those I met in Challenge; here’s to my coworkers who brighten my day; here’s to my neighbors I see laying out on decks and porches; here’s to Jay the office security guard who is still manning his post; here’s to all the animals that have made me smile; and here’s to all the essential workers and people on the front lines who are braving each day for all of us.