Cass Tech Number One, Second to None.

I feel like I grew up hearing this. Living and breathing this motto. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. But since 2002, Cass Tech has been blessed to have a member of my family as a student (c/0 2002, c/o 2010, c/o 2016 and c/o 2017). We all know the number one school in the city only accepts the best and brightest (insert hair flips). As I watched my youngest sister and last CT Alum from my family graduate in early June, I started to reflect on my time at Cass.

I was never the braggy type, mostly because I never felt like I had anything to brag about. So the appeal of having bragging rights going to the best school in the city wasn’t really what did it for me going into my freshman year at CT. I was a nerd. I liked learning; I still do. I was excited about learning, seriously. I think and over-evaulate everything so when I graduated, I thought about the things I had learned and how I had grown over the past four years. More than anything, I learned that I wasn’t as shy as I thought I was. I was kind of a beast at public speaking. Sure I needed some work with my excessive hand movements, but I didn’t want to die whenever I spoke and was able to articulate my topic effectively. This realization really laid the foundation of my personality from that moment on. Whereas before I was only “myself” around certain people, I became more open about my thoughts and more willing to showcase my very eccentric personality to others.

Now while I reflected on my own growth during my time during and after Cass, I started to think about my siblings who attended as well. My oldest brother definitely opened up more after Cass, my younger sister got better control of her angry (still not sure if Cass had any effect on that but it’s a clear nigh and day comparison during and after her time there) and my youngest sister, unfortunately for her, has developed a personality like me (actually she’s quite lucky).

You’re thinking, cool story bro. What does this have to do with anything? Cass Tech teachers, staff and administrators pounded into our heads that we were the best. While others just thought we were being cocky, it really pushed us to BE THE BEST. We had a reputation to uphold and knew that we would not be there if there wasn’t potential for us to be great. The passion and drive that I’ve seen from my fellow classmates and other CT Alum is truly inspiring and I believe that notion we are “Number One, Second to None” still plays a vital role in all of our successes. So the next time you start think “Ugh, those Technicians are so full of themselves” think instead “Wow, those Technicians are so confident and motivational”; it’s better for your health.