Two months ago I was spending a majority of my time in District 4 of Detroit, also known as the Jeff- Chalmers neighborhood or the East side. My time was spent researching local businesses for the purpose of potentially publishing their stories in the “Small Business Directory” that we were working on with the City of Detroit. The Directory has since been published and has been received very well.

Not all of the businesses I researched were able to be published, particularly my favorite one… So, I wanted to share it here.

Walk into Hammer Time Hardware and you’ll be greeted with the essence of what defines Detroit. Quality hardware dispersed amongst a gritty backdrop with the smell of sawdust wafting through the air. Meet the owners, Clara and Bill, and you quickly realize hard work and blue collar attitude were instrumental in maintaining this sustainable business.

Hammer Time Hardware has been serving the E. Warren neighborhood since before 1987, the year Clara and Bill purchased the store from its previous owners. Like many businesses in Detroit, modifications were made out of necessity to better serve the demands of the local customer base. Through it all, Hammer Time Hardware has maintained quality service and personal customer satisfaction. Friendly and family-oriented, this is a business that cares as much about learning your name as it does selling you inventory.

They’re driven to tailor supplies and services to the community in which they serve. As all the employees are local Detroit residents, they do their best to offer competitive pricing with big box stores despite not having the advantage of buying in bulk.

Clara and Bill work hard to inventory and refabricate older parts that are essential to maintaining the functionality of historical homes in the area. When you find yourself repairing sink plumbing and in need of an elbow joint dating back to the 1920’s, Hammer Time Hardware has you covered. They’re committed to tailoring supplies to the needs of local residents and have been doing so for decades.