Amidst the many bars and restaurants burgeoning throughout Detroit, there exists an abundance of unique ventures that allow for recreational endeavor. These opportunities often reside in underappreciated and underutilized realms within the city, and the following are a few of my favorites.

Fowling – a blend of football and bowling with pins arranged on both sides of an alley and two teams taking turns throwing a football at said pins. The first team to knock all of the pins down is victorious, with several caveats (for example, if you knock only the front pin down on your first throw, you win). The Fowling Warehouse is located near Mt Elliot and Interstate 94 in Hamtramck. Check out their website, book a reservation and prepare yourself for an extraordinary night of fun.

Kayak Tour of Detroit Canals – nicknamed “Detroit’s Venice,” a series of conspicuous canals dispersed throughout Detroit’s Canal District liven the landscape and provide a marquee recreational opportunity in and around the Eastside of Detroit. Dredged back in the early 1900’s, these waterways are rumored to have provided infamous routes for smuggling alcohol from Canada during the Prohibition era. Detroit River Sports and Riverside Kayak are two outfits that offer a nautical means to explore these historical channels. In addition to the kayaking, patrons are afforded the opportunity to glimpse an assortment of quirky homes lining the island streets of Alter and Harbor Island.

Belle Isle Golf Course – tucked away on the Eastside of Belle Isle sits a small five-hole golf course outfitted with a driving range and a putting green. Truly a hidden gem, the course offers a distinctive setting to work on your short game at a reasonable price.

Complementing the aforementioned opportunities are events like the Slow Roll, Tour de Troit and the Detroit International Marathon, collectively engaging Detroit residents in an inimitable recreational aura. Additional prospects to consider: Feather Bowling at Cadieux Cafe, Cycle into Spring, fishing at Belle Isle, Detroit City Futbol League at Old Fort Wayne, March De Nain Rouge in Midtown, Bocce Ball at Ottava Via and beach volleyball on the river front. If you’re like me and enjoy cycling, an expanding network of bike lanes and greenways provides an active means to explore the city.

Just a few more ways to #ExperienceDetroit