Let’s all be honest with ourselves. With all the positive that comes with Detroit, there is always a negative. But how do we balance this? This is a question I struggle with daily.

My mind is constantly clouded with negative reactions and thoughts to the city in very subtle ways as I go about my day. I believe that my peers go through similar scenarios, and they aren’t always easy to battle. I am in the process of finding peace by being proactive and more aware, which doesn’t always come easy.

I am used to living in communities that had everything at my fingertips, that felt really safe, and clean, and livable. I recognized that I just can’t muscle through these frustrations with Detroit anymore and I need to create positive changes.

I wish I didn’t have to think about whether my car was going to make it through the night without getting broken into every time I parked it. I wish I didn’t have to hope and pray that my gas bill would be under $600. I wish I didn’t have to be stressed on my way to work wondering if I my car would make it there despite whatever came my way that day. Whether that be an undodgeable gaping pothole, a lake in the middle of the road, or people zooming around me going 90 in a 55. I wish I didn’t have to worry about planning my day around the gym or going to the grocery store because they both were in a 5 mile range of my home. I wish there was a SINLGLE fast food restaurant that wasn’t a piece. I wish I didn’t have to be scared running into my house at night because of the possibility of getting assaulted or mugged or worse.

But I can sit here and complain or I can do something about it. I no longer want to be the person that a handful in Detroit are. The ones that just whine and complain and tarnish Detroit’s name all the while waiting for someone else to make things better for them. So I will do what I can in my power to make the change so that the next person behind me never has to come into Detroit feeling this way and so that eventually I never have to either.

And that’s the real beauty of Detroit… the power is all in our hands. So the way I see it, we have two choices: to let it take you over, or for you to take over it.