Living in Detroit in the year 2021 feels like a historic time to be in the city. I currently have the privilege to live one block north of Jefferson ave where on a sunny day, I can step outside of my house, look down the street and I can see the Detroit River. The street that I live on is directly in between the historic Indian Village community and a neighborhood that has 2 to 3 homes on each block surrounded by open land prime for development. I feel honored to live where I do because I know that anywhere else in the world, homes this close to a major body of water are million dollar properties. Currently majority of the homes in this area are fractions of the price that they should be but these property values are starting to rapidly increase.

In this past summer I’ve watched investors purchase and renovate every abandoned property on my street from Jefferson to Mack ave, turning these properties into livable homes. Less than a mile from my house on Kercheval and Van Dyke, developers are building a brand new apartment complex across the street from two brand new restaurants and a newly paved road. Continuing west down Kercheval towards Mt. Elliott ,you can find more developments and restorations to homes and commercial properties. These are only a few of the changes happening in only on of the neighborhoods in the city. Detroit as a whole is changing and I’m watching it happen right before my eyes.