Brush Park is one of the neighborhoods closest to Detroit’s downtown revitalization boom, and it also happens to be where I live!

When I first got to Detroit last summer, I moved into the Bernard Ginsburg house in Brush Park. It is one of the few historical homes still standing in a neighborhood which was once referred to as “Little Paris.” The Bernard Ginsburg house was built in 1898 by a young Albert Kahn who eventually came to be called the “Architect of Detroit.” Kahn went on to design the Fisher Building and Cadillac Place building downtown, the Belle Isle Conservatory, and the Packard Automotive Plant. Donavan, the current home owner and my roommate, is only the 4th owner of the home. When I moved in I just thought he did a fantastic job renovating the 3rd floor roof deck! Unfortunately that is why I am an engineer and not a historian. Here are some pretty photos of our home:


View from the 3rd floor walk out deck




There I am!

Just like I’m excited to change this year, Brush Park is changing as well. Here are some things that you might not be able to do very soon in Brush Park…


Urban gardening


House golf


BMX (photography credit to Michelle and Chris Gerard)

Here are some things you might be able to do very soon in Brush Park…


Enjoy new restaurants, like Grey Ghost


See our beautiful historic homes restored (photography credit to Michelle and Chris Gerard)


Admire swanky architecture? Bike? Walk? People watch? (City Modern renderings)

Dan Gilbert’s plans for City Modern have stirred up some controversy among Brush Park residents, especially members of the Brush Park CDC, who had hoped for renderings more in line with the neighborhood’s still present, and strong historical architecture. Personally I had hoped there would be more parks and public green spaces included in the future plans for Brush Park. However at the end of the day I think we are all excited to see new families call this neighborhood their home and to welcome and grow alongside new neighbors!

What do you think about the rapidly changing landscape of Brush Park?