I was reminded while completing my spotlight video, how much I really do.  Even though my sleepless nights, countless deadlines, and the constant pulling in multiple directions are great reminders, in the thick of my busyness I move too quickly to track my record.   Just to give you a snapshot of my life, picture a lady wearing gazillion hats!  I’m a wife, mom, homemaker; which means I am a chef and a maid, my kids treats me as a taxi driver and a bank, professionally I am a medical technologist, Executive Director and founder of a nonprofit, Challenge Detroit fellow, advocate, community leader, event planner, writer, dance teacher, caregiver for my dad, and for some reason from day to day, this list either grows and some days I start deleting due to exhaustion.

I was privileged to glean from the visionary and founder of Challenge Detroit, Doyle Mosher.  And although he had many insights and valuable takeaways, what I walked away with was something that I need in my life, effective immediately.   He spoke on the idea of leveraging yourself, or doing a lot with a little.  The important of connecting to the RIGHT people, and then allowing them to take work off my plate.  Applying this simple concept could change the dynamic of my life drastically.

Leverage at its purest sense means using something that multiplies the outcome of your efforts – as though you were using a lever to lift a heavy rock.  Time is the most valuable resource and there is absolutely no way of increase it, trust me I have tried, so it’s important to maximize the time we have.  This is important when I have so many demands on my time.

Today I’m challenged to ask for help, use my connections, and resist that type-A personality to always be the driver, and allow myself to be the passenger sometimes…..especially if we are going the same place.