Scientia potential est is a Latin aphorism that means “knowledge is power”. The acquisition of knowledge is something we often take for granted. This process is a never-ending journey that enhances social inclusion and fosters self-sustainability.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) MOOCbetterwordbubbleare a great way to continue that learning journey. Now, anyone with an Internet connection can take courses from some of the world’s top universities by professors who are leaders in their respective fields. Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy have democratized education globally.

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These courses are a fantastic opportunity to bring content from elite universities into communities all over the world. These courses show employers that you’re a disciplined, forward-thinking first adopter with the self-control necessary to work on your own. This path of self-learning demonstrates a certain grit necessary to continue through challenging circumstances in all facets of life.

How is this relevant to Detroit?

With the increase of tech start-ups and small business, Detroit’s talent base is growing. People are coming to this city to network and build with talented professionals ready to collaborate. Some of the major advantages of MOOC’s, are the ability to enjoy some graduate-level coursework and an increased skill-set without quitting your job, losing two years of work experience, and/or shelling out six figures for tuition. Professionals using online education as a tool have the advantage of learning and collaborating with top talent around the world then applying that knowledge to their respective fields here in Detroit. Emerging cities, like ours, can leverage these online learning platforms to retain and foster new business opportunities.

I am currently enrolled in two courses on the Coursera platform:

Content Strategy – Northwestern University

Gamification – University of Pennsylvania

Both are lead by professors who are considered major influencers in their respective fields and belong to the most well respected academic institutions in the world. It is really exciting to be on the cutting edge of these education platforms right here in Detroit.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a MOOC near you (online)!

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