There is not one-way doing self-care. It looks different for all of us. Depending on our society climate going on around us right now, we’re all still dealing with the pandemic, or as I like to call it: panorama. Other issues like childhood trauma that needs to be processed or just having an awful day at work. We must take a moment for ourselves to show up and be the best version of ourselves. I like to be the best in the things I do. But when I cannot produce the way I want to do to a roadblock, having an awful day or just something impacting my life. There needs to be a moment when we should hit pause to what’s going on around us and take a breather. There isn’t anything wrong with taking care of yourself first. Only you can take care of your overall wellbeing. You’re not selfish if you’re taking care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Taking care of my wellbeing has been a priority for me since 2014. It has been an ongoing battle but a battle that is needed to grow as an individual. Selfcare isn’t always pretty, and it is raw and honest. I know I don’t want everything sugar-coated for me to grow as an individual. There will be a change of thinking, a change in responding and interacting. It’s normal and part of the process. Self-care means you’re making sure you’re mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually aware and sound. It is not just about relaxing but also knowing when you’re triggered. Or healing from any form of trauma. Selfcare isn’t just a one-night thing, and it can take multiple days, months, or years to master it all. To mean it means rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty, addressing, and holding yourself accountable to your wellbeing. It is a journey and alone journey. 

Try being intentional in things you do, from work to interacting with friends, family, or strangers. Our society is triggering. If you watch the news every day, some things may trigger a response to you, or you may become numb to everything that’s going on in the world. It’s okay to take a break from watching the news, removing yourself from a toxic environment, and addressing your needs. Here are some ways I like to detach myself from all that is going on in the world:

  • Therapy: There has been a shift in mental health awareness. There are tons of resources available. Through your healthcare providers to apps, you can access them through your phone.
    • Shine is an excellent service catered to people of color.
    • Talkspace is another resource. 
  • Fitness: This could be from going on a walk, yoga, lifting weights, dancing, whatever you enjoy doing that requires you to move your body. If you can afford to go to the gym and want to take the risk of going to a physical location, DO IT! Or you can use YouTube, there are hundreds of workout videos available. Just take the time to move your body in some way. 
  • Creating Art: You don’t have to be the next Picasso. You can take a moment to draw, paint, craft. Creating art helps release stress. Doing something different and can help you express yourself. Dr. Suess had a dark period in his art. He expressed and released it. Creating art is a great outlet. 
  • Journaling: This is the cheapest form of self-care. You can get a pen and paper or write on your phone/tablet. Journaling what is going on with you and addressing issues that you do need to dig deeper and taking a moment a day or whenever you need to let some shit go. Write it out, tear it and throw it away. See how healing that feels to let it go. Sometimes I like to use gratitude journals/planners. 
  • Giving back to your community – if what is going on in the world pisses you off. Do something about it! Volunteer at some local organizations that fit your life mission statement. Seeing the impact of volunteering helps with the reality of it all.  
  • Meditation – find your favorite place that brings you serenity. Sit there and focus on your breathing for as long as you can. Meditation does require practice; be intentional with the practice. It is another way to allow things to come to you and let them go and allow those emotions to go through but not consume you. Serenity is an excellent platform for all levels. Headspace is a great app to tap into meditation.

These are some of the ways I like to explore my self-care routine. This list wasn’t just me saying go to Lush and buy some bath bombs and relaxing in the tub. It’s not that simple because life is not simple. You can journal while you’re sitting in your Lush bath bombs. Creating a self-care routine that works with your needs and schedule is a great way to start. A great way to explore who you are as a person. Selfcare is to find yourself, your true self, by taking a moment to be true to yourself. That’s self-love! We need more love in your society. Why not start with yourself.