Have you ever been wrapped up in a book or a project you truly enjoyed? I know I have. I’m currently stuck in a loop. A book high that I can’t quite shake, and I truly enjoyed the whole experience of the book, that’s my happiness. I’ve been finding joy in the little things I do, and I’m grateful for that. Because it hasn’t always been the case for me. This blog post isn’t going to go down that route. With the current pandemic that people seem to think is over, we still need to find joy in the little things. It’s what keeps us sane at the end of the day. Here’s a list of recommendations of where I find my joy.



  1. Reading – I LOVE reading. Reading to me is another form of me-time. When I pick up a book and dive into a new reality, it’s a great way to remove myself from what’s going on around us. Find a cozy spot, a great book, and your choice of beverage to enjoy a little me time.
  2. Walking/Workout – Finding a great trail or just a spot you can do some walking around. I enjoy taking walks with my dog. It’s another way for me to find joy. I got my body moving, and I’m listening and connecting with nature. Especially when you’re upset or unsure about something, going for a walk helps clear your mind. A great park to go to is Palmer Park, it has fantastic trails! Or just getting a good workout, could be yoga, a HIIT class, or anything that gets you moving.
  3. Planting – I’m a plant mom, and I find joy in taking care of my plants. Speaking positive affirmations to them is also sending positive vibrations to me. Taking care of my plants is intentional because it helps me be intentional with myself. When I see them grow, I know I am growing as well. How can you not be happy with seeing your plants grow?
  4. Getting creative – I’m kind of interested in various mediums of art. I don’t really call myself an artist, but I do love creating something. Just making something with my hands brings me joy, especially I don’t know what I’m trying to make. Those are always the fun ones when you just let your mind wander and just create. Creating something doesn’t have to be messy. You could just write a short story, or make a delicious dish in your kitchen, or just anything that’s outside the box of creating.

I hope you can use some of these recommendations to find joy in the little things. You have to find happiness within yourself, so you can share the joy with others. It feels like we’re short on happiness, but we’re not.