There’s a moment I often reference of Nipsey Hussle and Gary Vaynerchuk speaking to how our world is changing. Nip cites his source (Michio Kaku) and poses one of his theories juxtaposing humanity’s technological evolution with our spiritual evolution.

This theory posits that the former has far outpaced the latter on our planet, but as we evolve as a species, the universe is pushing us to balance out these progressions. So how have we sought to accelerate our spiritual growth?

How Mindfulness Is Saving My Relationship - Tiny Buddha

In the last decade, the new age movement has kicked into high gear with the rise of online businesses and content creation opportunities blowing up across social media platforms. Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga loom large in these spaces, but how many of us understand how these aspects connect to our history as a species, particularly in the Western World? Much of the basis for these practices actually come from the spiritual teachings of Eastern religions – particularly those that come from South Asia (i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and more). 

Many of these religious traditions find their roots specifically in the Indian subcontinent. In fact, India has brought us much of what the new age spiritual movements of the west have understood about spirituality as they’ve doubled down on promoting an understanding of the importance of rooting our own connections within ourselves.

India is currently in the throes of a desperate battle with Covid-19, setting a global record of 400,000 new cases on May 1st.

New COVID-19 Infections in India (from PBS News Hour)

Vaccines, hospital beds, clean oxygen and even crematorium space have become harder and harder to find. Supplies from masks to tests to oxygenation machinery are sorely lacking as the virus scaled up its impact before the subcontinent’s public health infrastructure could do the same to combat it.

If we can continue to show up for each other, we can ensure we’re better together on the other side of this pandemic. Whether you do yoga, meditate, practice breath work or not (but especially if you do) please donate, signal boost and check out these links for more info on how you can help.