Hi! I’m Vishnu.

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I grew up in Novi, MI, finding time for friends, family, and faith, between playing tennis, doing theatre and, well, school. My time as part of a social issue based theatre troupe called (awkward pause…) was a particular highlight. The troupe’s mission statement is “To create an awkward pause that provokes thought and inspires social change.”

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This is me and my friend Evan in high school on a trip for one-act, our competitive play.

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Evan, Raj and I on the first night of our troupe’s first tour.

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2015 with majors in History and Economics and minors in Global Media Studies (now Film, TV, and Media) and Intergroup Relations Education. My majors were lenses I sought to see the world through while my minors set the stage for the work I do now.

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Summer 2013 UMetc : Arguably the Best Summer of My Life

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We took some really cute photos around campus and I don’t get to share these enough.

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Back at Best Of… , (awkward pause…)’s annual alumni show.

Next, I took a job in the bay area, working sales at a large technology firm. It wasn’t the best fit, but some of the people I met helped me see my ability and potential as a creative. That’s where I began to double down on my dreams to use art and media to provoke thought and inspire social change. Just like I did in high school 😉

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The Bay : It Was Good Until It Wasn’t

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I left that job after a little more than a year, and after seeing that the solutions consultants I worked with enjoyed their jobs way more than I did, I took a chance and enrolled in a coding bootcamp. That bootcamp challenged me in all sorts of ways, and, eventually, led me to my host company, Total Solutions, and this amazing fellowship with Challenge Detroit.

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Future so bright I can’t keep my eyes open!

Before Challenge, I went to graduate school at Northwestern. My degree is in Sound Arts and Industries and I work across a variety of mediums to translate cohesive narratives and messages to//for clients and audiences. I also manage, consult and coach folx. This started as something with creatives, but the process translates across fields. If you’re interested in hearing more, feel free to set some time with me here✌🏾