Nearly every job I have had, centered around hands-on learning with youth and community. I am drawn to this approach of learning new skills and concepts because of my learning style. Being Dyslexic for me, means that learning by doing and practicing is the quickest way to pick up new skills. I learn best by practice, and I know many people share this love for hands-on learning with me.

Gardening: Working with teenagers to learn how to grow organic food for themselves and their community.

Teens gardening at Oakland Ave. Farm with Summer in the City

Cooking: Guiding youth through the the process of reading and understanding a recipe, then making a meal from scratch.

Making pasta with Detroit Food Academy youth

Horses: Showing young people how horses help us become empathic, confident, and perseverant members of our communities.

Students learning about Equine Dentistry with Detroit Horse Power

My recommendation: Get your hands a little dirty and practice what you want to learn!

  • You love art? Visit Arts and Scraps and grab some art supplies to play with!
  • You want to grow food of your own, but don’t know where to start? Check out Keep Growing Detroit’s gardening classes, or volunteer at D-Town Farm!
  • You love animals, but are not sure if having one of your own would be a good fit? Volunteer at your local animal rescue, or foster a pet!
  • You want to be a master Chef? Buy a cookbook, and take it one recipe at a time!

I learn alongside my students with practice, trial and error. The energy, confidence, and creativity that comes from trying out a new recipe, harvesting food you grew, or feeding a horse that carried you all day, is why being in the field (often literally) fosters growth.