a collaborative poem informed by patrons at 3rd street bar on the evening of july 13th 2017

a familiar space
but a new night
(it’s the end of a two-year era)

many memories felt
and many more to make
in this city once so unfamiliar
we think we are home

(some) have (some) hope

money speaks on every corner.
even the most blighted of corners.
those who come will go;
those living with luxury leave luxuriously when they go

“comeback city”
says the boy in the tigers jersey
from the burbs
corona hat adorned

the one who grew here
“it’s a just place”

and the one now back
(just visiting from the big citay)
“I didn’t think about anything Detroit because I don’t think about Detroit anymore”

our era ends as one friend leaves
he “likes” it
but must go now

another moves [on] too

like any good love
i love this place so much it makes me want to rip my hair out
(k says if detroit were a person it would be ryan gosling)
(i don’t know what that means)

will there be a happy ending?
does it end?
this beautiful, aggravating, wonderful challenge?
one day, we will/will we see
until then, Hamms