As part of the service and sustainability committee, I get to help organize some of the volunteer events that we IMG_2524
do for Challenge Detroit. The giving aspect of Challenge Detroit is important to me, because it’s crucial to become integrated into Detroit. Furthermore, in a society (and city) that breeds unequal opportunity and living standards giving back helps create a more balanced, happy society (though we still have a long way to go). We’ve all taken something from society or seized opportunities offered to us, so it’s only right for us to want to give back. Plus, I always have a good time. The Wobbly Kitchen’s event in Cass Park was a really cool experience, because it is a grassroots effort.

Every other Sunday, people bring food to Cass Park serving it to anyone looking to fill their bellies.  I brought tuna casserole, and others were making grill cheese sandwiches (the favorite) and serving a variety of pastas and salads. The Wobbly Kitchen is a prime example of DIY do-gooders in Detroit. Many of the volunteers are regulars, friends and family. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun like we were having a regular ol’ cook out in Cass Park.

On Wobbly Kitchen’s Facebook page it says:

“Since hunger and want are found in abundance in the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan We have little choice than to share what we can to ease the burden of those Forgotten Workers.

And I couldn’t have said it any better.