Zienab is hosted by IFF, a mission-driven lender, real estate consultant, and developer that helps communities thrive.

Oakland University alumna, Zienab Fahs, is a 2018-2019/Year 7 Challenge Detroit Fellow. At her host company, IFF, “Zienab is working on an IFF Early Childhood Education Initiative called Learning Spaces. Learning Spaces is a grant program funded by 3 philanthropic partners (The Kresge, Kellogg, R.C. Wilson Foundations) and is designed to better align programmatic quality with facility quality by creating safe and inspiring environments for children. Zienab is a welcomed addition to our team and brings a thoughtful approach to the work. She also brightens our day with her smile and the bottomless candy dish that resides on her desk.” 

Zienab says she is “blessed to be working alongside a great team of leaders to improve and enhance facility quality of childcare centers in the city of Detroit, and across Southeastern Michigan… I’m eager to see what the rest of my fellowship year holds for me, and what impact my team of Fellows and I will be able to create!”

Learn why she chose to be a part of Challenge Detroit and what she has worked on since becoming a Fellow by checking out her video.

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