Livia Stine is a 2022-2023 Fellow at AAA The Auto Club Group where she works on Talent Acquisition and DEI. Learn more about Livia below.


Grateful: This photo reminds me to practice gratitude publicly, even if it’s not as literal as spelling it out on a pepto-pink wall among strangers’ responses.

As a Challenge Detroit fellow, I move through this program with our 5 pillars in mind: Live, Work, Play, Give, Lead. To me, live, encapsulates all of our pillars.

In reflection, I feel implored to ask myself, “How do I live? How have I lived? And how do I want to live?”

With that question posed, a simple moment comes to mind.

After a full morning of meeting with our teams, a couple of Fellows and I decided to head out for lunch. I recall our neutral pace as we walked down the street, ignoring the frigid Michigan cold, until we stepped foot into the cozy vegan coney spot we chose for lunch. We reflected on the work we had done thus far in our first project and slowly hushed into silence as we devoured our food. Soon we were rushing back to make sure we did not miss a moment of our ideation time with our peers.

In hindsight, I realize we chose that place not only because of its proximity, but also because it was in danger of closing down. I can’t recall why, but it drove me to think. I felt so lucky to have tried that place, at that time, with those people, before the chance was gone. 

And that led me to remember, in all of the advice I have received regarding this program, it has always stuck that it goes by fast. So, I seek to challenge that; to slow the passing of time and revel in every moment. To remember that living is not just what we do, but how we do it.

This program has reminded me to live fully. To appreciate the perceived mundane walk to lunch as quality time, with fresh air, incredible people, and nourishing, local eats. 

I am so grateful for this time, fast or slow, engaging or ordinary, challenging or relaxing, for all that it is teaching me.

 About Me:

Hi! My name is Livia Stine. I have always lived in the Metro-Detroit area and I currently reside in Warren. I recently, in the Spring of 2022, graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor of arts in Communication Studies, along with a minor in Yoga and Mindfulness. Beyond my studies, communication and mindfulness drive how I move through life. I love people and prioritize listening, learning, and empathetic communication. While my commitment to mindfulness keeps me open, curious, and centered, I also am an artist at heart and enjoy many forms of creative expression such as painting, ceramics, crocheting, bullet journaling, and general crafting.

Why should someone apply to be a Fellow?

Challenge Detroit offers the opportunity to learn new things, yet discover what was already there. It pushes the boundary yet nurtures and uplifts ideas and expression. It allows the space to find oneself while serving others. This program bridges the gap between individual action and collective identity. It is because the people are.