Chloe Kinsey, is 2020-2021 Challenge Detroit Fellow at DTE Foundation.  She hails from Monroe, Michigan and earned her bachelor’s in business administration and MBA from Northwood University.

Work perks, celebrating amazing organizations in the community!

Tell us about your host company and your role in the organization.

My host company is the DTE Foundation. While working with the Foundation I’ve had the opportunity to lead the charge on revamping a program aimed at supporting fairs and festivals, the life blood of our communities, across the state of Michigan. Did you know Michigan has not one, but two Lumberjack Festivals?!

Tell us about the challenge project you’re currently working on; what are you learning from the experience?

Currently working with Sinai-Grace Guild CDC, my group has been tasked with creating programing to help senior citizens in the community learn and utilize technology. As we interact with stakeholders I am learning the importance of hobbies in communities. Each of the seniors we had the opportunity to talk with started the conversation talking about their hobbies and passions. Those hobbies and passions led them to their current positions as friends, community leaders and activists. I know I’m guilty of this, when we get busy we discount the importance of our hobbies and passions and how they form our lives and our community.

Sinai-Grace Guild (CDC) Project: Some amazing ladies providing gardening tips and talking about their experiences using technology as senior citizens.

 How do you hope to impact the community this year?

When it comes to impacting the community this year I am humbled. Over the last six months the impact this community has made on me is far greater than the impact I will make on it. As I continue to be introduced to organizations doing amazing work in the city I hope to continue connecting myself and members of my network to these organizations so their amazing work can continue on long after my fellowship year is complete. Tying threads and connecting resources to the organizations already doing amazing work in the city is the impact I hope to have on the community this year.

What are you most looking forward to as a Fellow this year?

As a Fellow the thing I was looking forward to the most is the opportunity to work with multiple organizations in different capacities. As someone who is exploring career options and what my next step is, working with organizations on diverse projects has been amazing! It has given me the chance to explore, gain new skill sets and continue to learn as a professional in a unique setting.

Celebrating with new fellowship friends @ TechTown’s Toast of the Town.

How do you believe your fellowship will shape your career moving forward?

This fellowship has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and lead. It has presented me with invaluable work experience from both my host company and the Challenge Projects that I  know will be appealing to future employers as I continue to grow my career. While in the fellowship I have also had the opportunity to network and connect with organizations around the city!

 If someone reading your interview is considering applying to be a Fellow, why would you encourage them to apply?

Challenge Detroit provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city, grow personal and professional relationships and work with organizations that are improving lives for our fellow citizens. If you are looking for an opportunity to aid in the amazing work happening in the city of Detroit and integrate yourself into a unique community, I would encourage you to apply for the opportunity to Challenge Detroit.

Challenge Detroit is accepting applications through March 17, 2020!