When you think Detroit, do you think soccer city?  If your answer is no, then we should talk!

Detroit is a city full of Soccer/Futbol loving people and I am one of them. 

When I moved to the city 4 years ago, I too, was a little skeptical that I would find a soccer family here. What I found was a great rec league and an awesome minor league team with equally great fans!

I have played 4 years with the Downtown Futbol Club (DFC). Our team is part of the Detroit City Futbol League  (DCFL) In their own words. “The Detroit City Futbol League was born out of a desire to bring together Detroit’s distinct neighborhoods for competition and fun and out of an appreciation for “the beautiful game.”  Each of the league’s teams represents different historic neighborhoods in Detroit with a goal of bringing together neighbors while highlighting the unique communities that make up our fine city. “

The League is also unique in that community service is an integral part of DCFL culture in its objective to bring neighborhoods together and build community across the city.  This year each team had to complete the Detroit PAL community service project to be eligible for league play. Each team was paired with a Detroit PAL youth soccer team and had the option to coach or provide equipment for their team.

If playing is not your aim, you can always visit Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck and watch Detroit City FC. The minor league team plays in the National Premier soccer League and was founded in 2012. Detroit City FC has established itself as one of the most talked about soccer teams in North America.  The club motto; passion for our city, passion for the game, evokes the three ideas the grassroots organization was built upon. To satisfy the demand for soccer in downtown Detroit, represent the city in a positive light and build community through “the beautiful game.”

Next time you think Detroit, don’t just think Motor city, think Soccer city.