Over the last few months I’ve seen a handful of the Challenge Detroit fellows working at their host companies, and it has become a fun (likely unattainable) goal for me to try and visit all of the fellows at work before the challenge year is over. I normally only get to see fellows on our challenge Fridays or when we see each other outside of work, so it’s been interesting to see everyone at their 9-5 job and get an idea of what their work experience has been like this year. These are the fellows I’ve seen so far:

Kaitlyn and Addison work for DTE Energy and the DTE Energy Foundation, I stopped by after work on our way to get dinner with my Challenge #3 team.

I had a meeting at Ally Financial for my work with the Chamber, and made sure to stop by Kenzie’s desk to say hi.

I was in midtown on 313 Day to get some images for Let’s Detroit and stopped by Quinn Evans Architects where Claire works. Careful not to get towed! 

I love going to the Mobili-D happy hour events that Alexa has been hosting for her work on the City:One team at Ford. The last presentation was by former fellow Jason Zogg who has done some awesome work for the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts and now works with Alexa at Ford.

I met up with Zienab during lunch at the IFF office in the Fisher Building, you can see my apartment from her window!

We got to see Zack filming promotional material for the Grand Prix at a Detroit Red Wings game, there may or may not have been a close call on the ice with that camera.

Stay tuned for more!