When I was a kid, I used to ride my bike everywhere. During the summer months, I would average 10-20 bike rides per week. A bike ride would be anywhere from a few blocks to a few miles depending on where I needed to go. My bike took me to the local park, friend’s houses, and school. It was not only a great facilitator for my transportation needs at a young age, but more importantly it was my ticket to independence and the freedom to explore my community.

Fast forward to my life in the D, and I ride my bike everywhere! 1402357868237Working downtown and bypassing all the traffic and congestion is liberating. My ‘commute’ times below are envied by most.

  • Detroit Athletic Club (where I coach swimming) – 3 minutes
  • Madison Building (where I work) – 3 minutes
  • Boll YMCA – 3 minutes (2 if I’m motivated)
  • Detroit Riverwalk – 2 minutes

I can get anywhere I want to go in a relatively speedy manner. But my bike is more than just a form of transportation. Biking is an opportunity to explore community while keeping you fit.


Bike Culture in Detroit

On Memorial Day, I participated in my first Slow Roll. It was pretty cool to see roughly two thousand riders organically come together for an enjoyable bike ride through the city. The bike culture in Detroit is certainly on the rise, and it’s exciting to see changes that are stimulating the growth of the biking community here.


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My joy for biking was a motivating factor to compete in my first triathlon in Detroit. On Sunday June 15, I raced in the Motor City Triathlon for the first time. This was the first time I had ridden my bike on Belle Isle, and it was a beautiful course. So, if you’ve been itching to get out on the saddle, don’t waste anymore time. Just do it!

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