Does life get you down because you do not know which direction to turn? What a challenging life it can be for some of us, who are pushed and pulled by outside influences, such as family, friends, and even society, to pursue a certain dream. And, what a challenging life it can be when you have no clue what your dream is or what inspires you. The combination of these things can leave you in a whirlwind about what your purpose is in this life. So, I encourage you all to explore these steps, in no particular order, to take control of your life and live in your true purpose;

Follow your intuition– Yes, that gut feeling that you get, explore that as often as you can.  You might think you’re fucked at first, but it will take you on some exhilarating adventures. Adventures that will allow for natural growth and guidance towards your purpose. Breathe these moments in, even when they’re tough.

Be adventurous – explore different things that come to mind or that you see around you that might interest you.

Connect with like-minded People – there is not better way to develop your interest and manifest your dream than to connect with people who are at different stages of your art/passion.

Do the Work– “anything worth having, is worth working for”

DON’T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY– Everyone is navigating through life and are having different experiences, be open to difference.

Have fun- In every sense of the phrase, have fun!! Enjoy every moment and be present in it.

What dream are you chasing?